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you can know about advanced diseases through this device

you can know about advanced diseases through this device

Through this device you can know about advanced diseases!

Imagine developing technology that not only monitors health, but also informs about diseases before symptoms develop?


This science fiction idea has been made real by scientists from the University of Chicago in the United States.

Researcher Shaong Wang says that through this work, we can develop such a smart device through wearable technology and machine learning that can evaluate the medical data of our bodies.


Keeping this in mind, researchers have developed a chip that collects data from several bio-sensors and uses machine learning to tell about an individual's health.


He said that a major challenge is to develop such a device that smoothly becomes part of the skin.

That's why we used polymers that have the ability to expand and contract and developed a device that analyzes health data through artificial intelligence technology.


This chip has been named a neuromorphic computing chip.


This chip does not work like a normal computer but like a human brain, while it can also store and analyze data.

The experts analyzed the data of the electrical activity of the human heart or ECG through this tool.


They taught the device to identify 5 groups of ECGs.

One group was healthy, while the other four groups were exposed to normal signals and discovered that the lip could accurately predict the heartbeat function.

The researchers say this is still the beginning of the research and they are already planning to develop nine more types of chips.

According to him, in the future, this chip can be used to send alerts to patients or doctors or to make changes in medicines.

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