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Sindh Jobs 2023 At Energy Department

Sindh Jobs 2023 At Energy Department
Sindh Jobs 2023 At Energy Department 

Government of Sindh Jobs 2023 At Energy Department 

The Government of Sindh's Energy Department is responsible for the development, planning, and implementation of policies related to energy in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Its mandate includes the provision of energy services to the people of Sindh, the promotion of investment in the energy sector, and the establishment of a competitive and sustainable energy market.

The Energy Department is also responsible for managing and regulating the distribution of electricity, natural gas, and other forms of energy in the province. It plays a critical role in ensuring the provision of affordable and reliable energy to all sectors of the economy, including households, commercial and industrial enterprises, and the agricultural sector.

As part of its efforts to promote private investment in the energy sector, the Energy Department is seeking to engage the services of a qualified transaction advisor to provide technical, financial, and legal due diligence services for the acquisition and management of two power distribution companies in the province, HESCO, and SEPCO, through the mechanism of public-private partnership. The transaction advisor will be responsible for evaluating the internal and external factors related to the acquisition of these entities and proposing viable options to manage and operate them under the PPP mode.

The Government of Sindh, Energy Department 


The government of Sindh through the energy department intends to engage the services of qualified reputed and experienced Companies firms for acquiring ownership of HESCO and SEPCO for onward management and operation of the above-mentioned entities through the mechanism of public-private partnership.


1. To conduct technical financial and legal due diligence regarding the acquisition of these entities and assessing the impacts of acquiring these entities while evaluating the internal dynamics and external factors;

2. To analyze the impacts of land transfer/acquisition of these entities and suggest mechanisms from the federal government to the provincial Government keeping in view legal implications;

3. To prepare an inventory of all items owned by these entities at present market value;

4. To review the position of existing infrastructure underuse of these entities and its durability, for the future in terms of years;

5. To outline design parameters covering all the facilities and propose viable options along with features after ground appraisals of the Projects’ locations following the industry's best practices and applicable standards;

6. To Review/analyze PPP options with an Assessment of various structure choices and suggest/recommend the most feasible options for understanding these projects while keeping in view risk factors;

7. To prepare the bid document for solicitation of bids from private parties under the PPP mode;

8. To prepare and deliver presentations and reports and the Projects-related documents before the PPP Policy Board and any other forum for seeking approvals as required under the SPP Rules.



1. Transaction Advisor should be a reputable, experienced company/firm / Association/organization/consortium having expertise in legal. technical and financial spheres and which should have rendered such Kind of assignment in the past regarding distressed assets;

2; Should have Specific experience of at least two in similar types of Assignments during the last ten years: and

3. Certificate of Incorporation and Registration.



Provide background information on the federal power distribution utility and its transfer to the provincial government.

Explain the purpose and scope of the transaction advisory services.


Outline the main objectives of the transaction advisory services, including the Identification of potential buyers, the assessment of the utility's value, carrying out due diligence, and the negotiation of the terms of the transfer.


Describe the approach and methodology to be used in carrying out the transaction advisory services, including the use of market analysis, financial modeling, and due diligence.


List the reports and other deliverables that will be produced as part of the transaction advisory services, including:

  • Market analysis report
  • Financial model report
  • Due diligence report
  • Recommendation Report
  • Bidding Process. Negotiation and Financial Close.


Outline the role and responsibilities of the position, including the following tasks:

Conducting a thorough analysis of the current power distribution system and assessing its suitability for transfer to the provincial government

Identifying potential challenges and risks associated with the transfer

Carrying out detailed due diligence and highlighting the cost-benefit value of such utility transfer

Identify the detailed liabilities, current and contingent in case the such transfer is to be considered

Develop a plan for overhaul CAPEX, OPEX, and management change

Developing a comprehensive plan for the transfer, including a timeline and budget

Coordinating and communicating with relevant stakeholders, including the federal and provincial governments, power

distribution companies, and local communities

Monitoring the progress of the transfer and reporting regularly to relevant parties

Ensuring that the transfer complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and best practices

Carry out any ground surveys and reports as required by the agency related to the project



The Assignment’s procurement shall be conducted in accordance with the National Competitive Bidding using the Quality Cost Based Selection method, following the procedure prescribed under Rule-15(2)(b) & 72(3) ibid, and is open to all the eligible bidders. The Contract will be awarded to the Most Advantageous Bidder attaining the highest combined weighted technical and financial score according to criteria outlined in the RFP Document.

The prospective bidders may seek further information from 22nd February to 28th February 2023 either: (a) Physically, by submitting a written application at the address given below; or (b) electronically, from websites of the Procuring Agency www.sindhenergy.gov. pk or by sending a request via email addressed to the Procuring Agency at info @ sindhenergy.gov.pk

The bid containing technical and financial proposals, sealed separately, with all the required documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope with marking on it the Assignment’s title necessary action for the provincial nation of HESCO/SEPCO on or before Friday, 10th March 2023 at 14:00 hrs. (the ‘Submission Deadline’). Any late offer, regardless of the cause, will not be accepted. The bids (technical proposals only) will be opened publicly, in the presence of bidder(s) representatives, on the Submission Deadline of 15 hrs. at the address provided below:



3rd floor State Life Insurance Cooperation of Pakistan Building No.3. Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Opposite C.M House, Karachi. Phone No: 021-99207134/32/33

All bids must be valid for a period of ninety (90) days, effective from the technical bids’ opening date, and must be accompanied by a bid security equivalent to 2% of the total quoted bid in the shape of pay order/demand draft/bank guarantee, valid for a period of twenty-eight (28) days beyond the bid validity period, issued by a scheduled bank of Pakistan in favor of ‘Energy Department Government of Sindh’.

Note: The procurement committee shall have the power to cancel the instant interest for a transaction without assigning any reason.

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