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Should you refrigerate eggs before hatching?

Should you refrigerate eggs before hatching?

Should you refrigerate eggs before hatching Eggs are an important part of our diet and they also provide a lot of health benefits, when we bring them home we are told not to refrigerate them before hatching.


Many of us suffer from this dilemma and want to know why we can't refrigerate them before eating them.


Explaining this, the British botanist James Martin took two eggs, one of which was a rooster while the other was a chicken.


Of these, the eggs of ducks were hatched immediately without refrigeration, while the eggs of chickens were hatched after 2 to 3 hours of refrigeration.

Both of these eggs were cut after hatching and it was concluded that the egg of the duck was fully ripe while the egg of the chicken was not fully ripe.


In addition, there was a lot of difference in the shape and taste of the eggs, and James Martin explained the reason by saying that when we keep the eggs in the refrigerator, we also absorb the smell and taste of other things in them, which results in They lose their taste.


He also said that this is the reason why eggs should not be kept in the refrigerator before boiling, but should be kept in a dry and cool place because of which the original flavor of the eggs remains in them.


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