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Best Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

Best Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

Best Ways to Increase WiFi Speed, Karachi (Web Desk) Wi-Fi is the most important need of the modern age, now it is obvious that if the internet speed slows down then it will be a problem for the users but there are some tips and methods to increase the Wi-Fi speed.

Place the router in the center of the house so that it is away from the wall, so that the antenna sends the signal directly.

Also, place a second router in the house. Placing a second router anywhere in the house will help you boost your Wi-Fi signals.

It is better to keep the router away from TV and phone and other electronic devices LED lights, speakers, monitors and AC power plugs.

Rebooting the router is a safe and effective way to increase speed, but it is sometimes not useful.

Be aware of which gadgets are the use of your network because the extra devices there are, the slower the internet velocity.

So use a password to prevent unnecessary devices from connecting.


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