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Deep fake technology became a threat to the world

Deep fake technology became a threat to the world

Deep fake technology is being used extensively for cyber-attacks and is now becoming a threat to the real world.


In a new research, it has been revealed that the use of this face and voice changing technology has increased by 13% during the year 2021.


Deep fake is a type of technology that replaces a person's image with another person's image to make it look like a video of a person who is not actually there.


According to the report, it is said that the world will soon have to face the threat of cyber attacks due to deep fake technology, but this process is already underway.


This technology became a part of the mainstream in 2019 and experts have warned that it can be used to blackmail women by creating objectionable content and increase political conflicts.


Initially, deep fake images or videos were easily captured, but now the technology has improved.


In March, a deep fake video of the President of Ukraine went viral, which he also denied, but many people believed the video to be real.


According to the report, there was a 78% increase in deep fake attacks in 2021 and it was done to hack the emails of high-value businesses.

For this purpose, the hacker impersonated himself to obtain sensitive details.


The experts preparing the report say that after Russia's attack on Ukraine, there has been a 60% increase in the number of cyber-attacks.


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