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What is a Noun and Kinds of Noun

What is a Noun and Kinds of Noun

What is a Noun?

The name of everything is called a noun.

Exp: Ahmed, Pen, Book

Kinds of Noun

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Abstract Noun
  4. Collective Noun
  5. Compound Noun


1: Proper Noun

The Special name of a Place, a person, or a thing is called a Proper Noun.

Exp: English Book, Pakistan, Islamabad


2: Common Noun

The name of common a person, a thing, a place.

Exp: Pen, Book, Table


3: Abstract Noun

The name which shows an action quality or state is called an Abstract noun.

Exp: Illness, Bravery


4: Collective Noun

One name of a group of things or persons is called a collective noun.

Exp: Army, Crowed, Pakistan Team


5: Compound Noun

Name of one thing or person consisting of more than one word.

Exp: Sun-Glass, Bad-room, Brother in Law


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