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What is Verb and Shapes of Verb

In this article, we thoroughly discussed the Verb and Shapes of Verb. this is going to be helpful for you.

What is Verb and Shapes of Verb

What is a Verb and the shapes of Verb?

1. Verb

A word or phrase which shows action, state, or event is called a verb.

Exp: They wrote a letter. ( Action 

He is a boy. ( State

A horrible accident happened ( Event

Shapes of Verb

1. Transitive Verb

2. Intransitive Verb

1. Transitive Verb

The verb which takes an object in the sentence is called a transitive verb

Exp: They bought a book.

2. Intransitive Verb

The Verb which does not take an objective is called an Intransitive verb.

Exp: The dog barks.

The sun rises in the east.

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