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Vida Z Tablets for Multivitamins

Vida Z Tablets for Multivitamins

Vida Z Tablets for Multivitamins 

An excellent combinaion of Zinc, Vitamin E, C Folic Acid, and B-complex.

Advantages of Vida Z Tablets

Supports a healthy pregnancy and guards against preterm delivery by averting infections. Enhances immunity, retards the aging process, and aids in skin healing and hair growth. Enhances sperm quality and promotes male fertility.

Recommended Intake: Take 1 tablet daily, or follow the guidance of a medical professional.

Each film coated tablet contains Vida Z Tablets

  1. Zinc as zinc sulphate USP 22.5mg 
  2. Vitamin C USP 500mg 
  3. Vitamin B3 USP 100mg 
  4. Vitamin E USP 30IU 
  5. Vitamin B5 USP 20mg 
  6. Vitamin Bi USP 15mg 
  7. Vitamin B2 USP 15mg 
  8. Vitamin Bs USP 20mg 
  9. Vitamin B12 USP 12mcg 
  10. Folic Acid USP 150mcg 

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