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PNSC Government Jobs 2024 | Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

I am sharing the complete details about PNSC Government Jobs 2024 in this post so you can easily understand the process.

PNSC Government Jobs 2024

PNSC Government Jobs 2024




PNSC Pakistan National Shipping Corporation




Matric to BS

Job Location

Sindh Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) is a state-owned enterprise in Pakistan that operates shipping services. Established in 1971, it primarily deals with shipping, transportation, and logistics. PNSC plays a vital role in facilitating trade for Pakistan by managing a fleet of vessels for cargo transportation, both domestically and internationally.

The corporation's main objectives include promoting Pakistan's maritime interests, contributing to its economic growth through efficient shipping services, and enhancing its global presence. PNSC handles various types of cargo, including bulk commodities, containerized goods, and petroleum products.

Over the years, PNSC has aimed to modernize its fleet, improve operational efficiency, and expand its services to meet the growing demands of international trade. It remains an essential entity in Pakistan's shipping and logistics sector.

Vacancy Announcement PPHI Sindh January 2024

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